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The Bühler Group Reports Positive Results From 2018 and Continued Growth 2/07 Read more

K-State University IGP Institute Held Introduction to Flour Milling Course For Cargill Inc. 2/11 Read more

K-State University Scientists Researching Methods to Protect Flour From Salmonella and E. Coli 2/19 Read more

Washington State University Researchers Develop New Wheat Variety to Help People With Celiac Disease 2/20 Read more




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USDA February Winter Wheat and Canola Seedings Report 2/08 Read more

U.S. Wheat Associates Board of Directors Elects New Officers For 2019/20 2/18 Read more

USDA Data Shows SD Winter Wheat Acres Down 4% From 2018 2/13 Read more

OK Winter Wheat Crops Nearing Critical Growth Stage 2/18 Read more



USDA Forecasts Decrease in Australian Wheat Production and Exports in 2018/19 2/19 Read more

Drought Conditions Cause Australian Wheat Production to Fall to 11-Year Low 2/19 Read more

Kazakhstan and Russia Sign Agreement to Begin Wheat Exports to Iran 2/18 Read more

Kazakhstan Sees Record Wheat Export Pace 2/18 Read more



Iran, Russia, and Kazakhstan Make Forward Progress on Organizing Financial Details For Wheat Deal 2/14 Read more

Russia and Kazakhstan to Sign Wheat Supply Agreement With Iran 2/11 Read more

Russia Not Planning Wheat Export Bans Following Formation of New Wheat Export Union 2/13 Read more

North Korea Requests 50,000 Tons of Wheat From Russia to Help Food Shortage Caused by Natural Disasters 2/13 Read more

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Egypt State Grain Buyer Purchases 300,000 Tons of Wheat in International Tender 2/11 Read more

Asian Wheat Millers Purchasing Wheat From Argentina Due to Smaller Output in Australia 2/20 Read more

Iraq Not Accepting Wheat Imports From Russia Due to Quality Issues 2/20 Read more


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