Upcoming Webinar: Practical Scale Automation & RFID - Stories From The Field

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Harvest is a demanding time for everyone. Your elevator stares down hundreds of truckloads of grain every day. You have to know the quality and grade factors, who is hauling what and where it came from, and where to bin the grain - all within a matter of minutes.

You want happy customers experiencing minimum wait times, and seasonal staff that can get it done efficiently.

If you have concerns about your current operations efficiency, it is time to hear from other grain operations on what improvements they have made and what their results have been.

There are many automation options available, what may work best for your location?

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Webinar: Practical Scale Automation & RFID - Stories From The Field

When: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018 - 2 p.m. CST

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Guest Speakers from various grain operations will share:

- What challenges they had in their grain operations

- What automation solutions they chose and how it has changed their business

- How

  • RFID works
  • Improvements made in pit communication and management reporting
  • Integrated systems reduced errors, ensured valid data, and saved resource time

Webinar Host: Proceres - a Cultura company

Proceres is part of the Cultura Technologies family. Our deep knowledge of grain origination is embedded in practical technology solutions that improve operational efficiency of grain handling.

For over 25 years, we have been solving scale automation challenges with our oneWeigh™ Platform and Bulk Weigh solutions to manage shipping and receiving needs. Our binSight™ automated bin management solution gives insight to grain inventory quality & quantity, and provides the traceability reporting for FSMA compliance. Our practical and proven solutions are easy to use and customize, and integrate with any accounting systems.

Visit www.proceressolutions.com to learn more.

Please note that Proceres has chosen to restrict admittance for this event and admittance is at the discretion of Proceres.

If you have any questions, please contact Mike Dorris, Proceres, via email: mike.dorris@culturatech.com